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Manitou Springs Pool and Fitness

Manitou Springs

Nestled at the base of Pikes Peak is a beautiful little gem--a 25-yard, ozone pool located in Manitou Springs. Director Roy Chaney provides a myriad of programs, including a fitness center, a youth swim team, and a variety of classes, just to name a few. Discounts are offered to Team WBR athletes for punch passes and Fitness Center memberships. Check them out at their website (www.manitoupool.com), or attend our swim practices 2x/week (Mon 6:30-7:30pm and Wed 5:30-6:30am), followed by a 15-minute core session. Hope to see you, and thanks to Manitou Pool for being our swim home!

Book: Swim Speed Secrets, by Sheila Taormina

Swim Speed Secrets, by Sheila Taormina
Four-time Olympian Sheila Taormina is amazing for a lot of reasons, her athletic ability and hard work notwithstanding. It is not often one comes across a prolific athlete who translates well into a teacher of her craft, but Sheila has this gift. Her ability to articulate the propulsive aspects of the swim stroke is second to none, and the detail with which she breaks it down is beneficial for newer swimmers, triathletes, and advanced swimmers alike. Everyone, regardless of his/her level, can walk away from this book with something very valuable. To purchase a copy, click here.


Taylor Hatcher

Taylor Hatcher

Taylor is a certified massage therapist, in addition to being a strength trainer, endurance athlete, and former division 1 basketball player. She works in many different modalities, and her work is some of the most intuitive, thorough work I've ever had.
Website: Taylor Hatcher
Email: taylor.hatcher@gmail.com
Phone: 202.281.4711


Colorado Running Company

The Colorado Running Company is my go-to running store in Colorado Springs. Excellent customer service from this locally owned and operated store also hosts weekly runs, provides gait analysis, and is home to a knowledgeable and professional staff. Periodic discount specials available exclusively to WBR athletes—stay tuned!

Website: Colorado Running Company


Innovative Body Solutions

Anyone heard of Dara Torres? :) Her "secret weapon" as she calls it, lies in resistance stretching techniques by the founders of Innovative Body Solutions.
Innovative Body Solutions has created a comprehensive Resistance Stretching program employing self-resistance while stretching to go deeper in functional movements. Great for all three sports, but especially good for my cyclists who lack flexibility in the water.
WBR Athletes receive $5.00 off their advertised DVD price. Contact me for the coupon code. Thank you Anne Tierney and Steve Sierra for your amazing work!

Website: Innovative Body Solutions

Anne Tierney

Above: Co-Founder Anne Tierney of Innovative Body Solutions Performs a quad stretch.

Anne Tierney

Above: Tierney performs the second portion of a quad stretch while resisting. Innovative Body solutions takes a refreshingly unique perspective on stretching as part of the athletic routine.